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The following list represents my professional experience in the industry. Each role I’ve held has been extremely important for my career, as each one has contributed something unique to my personal and professional development. For references or additional information about anything listed below, get in touch directly.

Well, I would like to first introduce myself as a jack of all trades filmmaker and poet. However, listing the specifics of this generalization may help you understand what I do a little more... I am a Director, Producer, Editor, Screenwriter, Poet, and the occasional Musician.

My primary professional experience is in filmmaking, where I graduated from TORONTO FILM SCHOOL with Academic Distinction (CGPA +4.0).  spent the last 6+ years in film production, taking on various roles in various stages of production. But mainly, I manage and create for METAL MONSTER PRODUCTIONS, an independent film production company located in Toronto. Through Metal Monster, I have directed and produced over 15 films (along with other notable credits) international award-winning films, and acquired distribution to Amazon Prime Video (US), along with many other streaming platforms.

Some of my best skills include excellent communication, team leadership and team development, creative and professional writing, attention to detail, directing talent, patience, and flexibility to list a few. In addition to those, I have acquired other special skills and training familiarizing myself with all roles of production through volunteering and freelancing onto independent and professional film sets alike... I wanted to be a part of every department at least once to better my understanding of those who help make it all happen! 

It is my goal to leave a mark on the film & entertainment industry; pushing and developing content outside traditional boundaries, to succeed and popularize its purpose with strong leadership, visionary foresight and a sharp meticulousness.


I wish to continue helping projects succeed and ensure their everlasting impact on the audience.


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